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VISION: A world that values diversity, all people, and quality education.

MISSION: Empower women educators to advance inclusion, educational excellence, altruism and world understanding.

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    RE: Invoice for dues

    Hi Jane, If your "My Profile" button isn't functioning, please try signing in to the website again using a different browser or device. If you continue to have issues, please call Headquarters at 800.247.2311 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central ...

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    RE: Invoice for dues

    Hi Bev, Sorry you did not receive your invoice. Actually, you don't need the invoice to pay your International dues online. If you log in to the website and click "My Profile" at the top of the page, you will receive the prompts you need to complete ...

  • Carolyn, I am Betty Jo Evers, International Vice President for Membership, who helped charter Jamaica Eta on November 27. Welcome to Alpha Delta Kappa. My teaching experience has been in the K-3 level with my last 17 years in the classroom as a Kindergarten ...

  • Dear Sisters, It saddens me to announce that former Mississippi State Alpha Delta Kappa Pres. Linda Carter lost her husband Edwin today due to Covid. Both of them caught the virus a few days before Thanksgiving. Edwin has had heart issues for several ...

  • Welcome Carolyn! So nice to hear from someone in Jamaica. I am Marli Camargo , from Mexico and I do hope we can share a lot of love . Please keep in touch!!! -- Mtra. Marli Camargo Alpha Delta Kappa President National Mexico

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